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Allshoes Safety Footwear

Allshoes is a specialist in the field of safety shoes. Style is very decisive for the image and look of all our products and brands. We are constantly innovating, both in terms of style and technology. We had the courage to introduce revolutionary safety shoes in a conventional market. As an enterprising, data-driven marketing and sales organisation, we serve both the B2C and B2B markets.

Where protection meets Style

Allshoes Safety Footwear is a front-runner in modern safety shoes. We design and market our successful A-brands, such as Grisport and Redbrick, in a distinctive way. These are shoes where safety and the latest fashion and athletic trends go hand in hand. When you wear our shoes, you can show the world who you are. Allshoes, Where Protection meets Style.

Our values

In order to work successfully with our partners, we and our team have defined three values through which we want to set ourselves apart.

At Allshoes, we run our business as a team. We pride ourselves on our short lines of communication, ability to quickly switch gears and provide the best service possible. Every department is important here. Together we stand strong (in our shoes).

The growth of Allshoes has been achieved mainly because daring is high on our list of priorities. We choose our own path. Sometimes we see something new fail, but we prefer that to getting merely an average result. Or copying an existing idea. We play to win, not to score no goals.

At Allshoes we always persevere. This persistence characterises our team. Of course, we enjoy coming up with new ideas together with our customers and partners. But an idea without implementation is and remains just a nice idea. That’s why at Allshoes we’re only satisfied when new plans have been implemented and everyone benefits.

Careers at Allshoes

Allshoes is one of the largest players in the field of safety shoes in the Benelux and continues to grow. This is partly due to our focus on data-driven marketing, innovation and sustainability. However, the growth we are experiencing isn’t possible without a professional, ambitious and close-knit team.

We think it is important to have people in our team with an entrepreneurial mindset. Personal growth and ambition are also high on our list of priorities. Every two months we organise a workshop or course, for example on personal leadership.

Our team consists of a close-knit group of employees. We are proud of each other and the results we achieve together. We have lunch together every day, and on Fridays we enjoy a cosy Friday afternoon drink on our roof terrace. Every year we also organise (sports) outings and activities such as the Tour de Bunzl, and we participate in the Kika run.

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Our office has been located in the Houthaven area of Amsterdam since June 2020. Our warehouse is located at Barnsteenstraat 1a in Alkmaar.

We are available from Monday to Thursday between 08.30 and 17.00. On Fridays we quit working at 15:45. Outside of our opening hours, please send us an email. We will contact you the next business day.


Koivistokade 80
1013 BB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31-(0)20-2250130 (general)
T: +31-(0)20-2250132 (finance)
T: +31-(0)20-2250133 (purchasing)

E: info@allshoes.eu

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