Redbrick Ladies gets a new look!

19 januari 2024

Allshoes revamps Redbrick's range of ladies work shoes. The new design better matches the latest fashion trends, ensuring this line remains relevant to Redbrick's target group. This is why we are switching from microfibre with a suede look to a canvas look. In terms of fit, nothing changes - the new models are still designed around a women's last and therefore slimmer than the average safety shoe.

Besides the introduction of new models, some old products are being sold out and converted. You may therefore receive the new design of some sizes earlier than other sizes., we work with a phased transition, where data such as EAN, article number and price remain the same. This way, your orders will continue without interruption. Please inform other people in your organisation as well!

The Redbrick Linda (high black), Lena (low black) and Lisa (high blue) will be converted to the new design. The new women's safety shoes will also receive the S3L certificate and thus fall under the latest standards for safety footwear.
Below you can see the estimated transition date of the different products. To make the transition as smooth as possible, this table will be updated every two weeks.

Code and model

Week nr transition

Week nr finished

Old stock

31362 - Redbrick Lisa




31364 - Redbrick Linda




31368 - Redbrick Lena

In transition

W26 – 2024

37, 38, 40

Last update: 25 april 2024